Japan market entry supportYou may think that establishing a presence in the rich Japanese market would be time-consuming and prohibitively expensive. Challenging, yes, but Japan Questar USA can facilitate your entry into Japan's rapidly-changing marketplace by providing comprehensive support services which not only will enhance your product's appeal to the Japanese customers but maximize your marketing opportunities. We will work with you to identify, formulate and implement the most effective business strategy for long-term growth and profitability in Asia's largest and most stable market. If you recognize this golden opportunity and want to seize it, we can help you realize your goals.

Depending on your requirements and overall objectives, you first need to choose which key will open the marketplace for you:


Targeted marketplaces
01. Online sales:

By taking advantage of the Internet infrastructure, you can sell your products/services via your web site.

The products suitable for the International Online Sales are what have low delivery cost, uniqueness/attractiveness in the target market. Software products are very typical because they may be delivered to users via NET without delivery cost. This is the most economical way to sell your products. Nevertheless, you must still address following issues:

Advertisement:     This is a very important part of a marketing plan to increase your presence in the marketplace. We will work closely with you to develop your advertising strategy for the maximum results.

Customer support:     Maintaining a customer support in Japanese is key to motivate customer's final decison to purchase, specially in the online sales. We can take care of your Japanese customers carefully and friendly. Please see E-business support page for details.

02. Off-the-shelf sales through existing distribution channels:

Using the existing distribution channels is the most common way to sell foreign products in the market. It is still necessary, however, to carefully develop and actively pursue an overall marketing strategy. We will work closely with you to structure a strong marketing plan based on your products and long-term goals and actively help you in selecting capable and reliable distributor candidates. Several issues that you should keep in mind are:

Relationship with your distributor:  You should take into consideration its unique market and cultual characteristics when you establish with your Japanese distributor.

Cost allocation with your distributor:  Any market in any location cannot be developed without adequate initial investment. Accordingly, it will be necessary to carefully establish a cost-allocation strategy for the initial investment.

03. Physical participation:

For maximum market presence and long-term participation in the market, establishing a physical presence there may be the best strategy. You may consider establishing a subsidiary or a joint-venture.

While this is not a simple undertaking, the services we offer can make your start-up process easier, more efficient and cost-effective. We do this in three phases:

A. Developing your initial entry strategyStrategy:     through gathering and assessing basic information, organizing feasibility studies, and providing cost analysis.

B. Finalizing an overall plan:     through taking into consideration all aspects of your entry strategy and long-term business goals.

C. Implementing the plan and Operating business:    through our supports for the necessary administrative tasks, such as corporate registration, establishing distribution channels, setting up business infrastructures, logistical support ,etc.