Total Localization
  • Advanced Technology

  • One may be tempted to think that obtaining a good translation of the natural text into Japanese is all that's required to successfully market products in Japan. While good translation is an essential element, it is definitely only one among many adaptations necessary. For instance, computer software inherently is strongly influenced by the culture, customs, business and social environments, laws and regulations, etc. of the country where it is originally designed and/or used.

    To provide a product welcoming to Japanese users, a full analysis of these cultural and social aspects, with suitable adaptations for Japanese sensibilities, is as necessary as good language translation and expert technical modification. From performing initial market studies to writing technical manuals and online help guides, the professional expertise and experience that Japan Questar USA offers will ensure that your product is suitable for marketing in Japan.

    You can depend upon our knowledge of the latest technologies and our familiarity with the different business environments and cultures of Japan and your country to guide your entry into the Japan market.