Globalized E-commerce The Internet has eliminated many limitations of doing business abroad, but there remain unavoidable challenges in increasing your Online Presence in the Japan market. Overcoming the language barrier and understanding different business customs can drain valuable time and energy when your focus should be on developing your presence. Instead, we provide you with a cost-effective, current and sophisticated start-up support service to assist you for establishing a reliable reputation in the marketplace. As your confidence in the business grows, you can begin to develop your own systems as you secure your place Japan's exciting market. Our support services get you to sell your products / services to Japanese customers without large investment up front and taking business risk.

How we support your e-business 01. Building your web site in Japanese:

This is the first and essential step for delivering your products / services to your Japanese customers at Internet speed. We have the language and technical expertise to successfully convert your web site to multi-language version.

Like most people, Japanese customers hesitate to investigate web sites written in languages other than their native tongue. Offering your products and services in Japanese gives Japanese customers a much better impression of your business and confidence in your products, making them more likely to respond favorably. If you already have a web site in English, creating your Japanese web site will probably be neither as complicated nor as expensive as you may imagine -- we can create the Japanese version based on your existing materials.

Major works may include:

  • Modifying your web server to handle Japanese contents, if necessary
  • Modifying your web site platform with XML technology to enable your multi-language web site to integrate into your system and EDI, if you desire so
  • Verifying the conformability of your Web contents to Japanese law and regulation
  • Modifying and / or making your Web contents in Japanese
  • Testing the contents
  • Executing SEO and SEM suitable for Japanese market

    We can provide an entire service package or discrete project work depending on your needs and budget.

    02. Handling your day-to-day communications with your Japanese customers:

    Obviously, the value of a Japanese web site would be diminished if your sales were not supported by Japanese speaking customer service representatives. We can act on your behalf to serve the needs of your Japanese customers.

    After launching your Japanese web site, your business may receive many orders, pre/post sale inquiries, return requests, etc., which must be processed properly in Japanese. A good customer relation is an integral part of any successful business. We can work as your customer service representative to help you establish good customer relations, reduce your initial investment and risk of hiring an Japanese-speaking operator and setting up a bilingual system. Our sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can handle all communications from your Japanese customers, and automatically sends you necessary data such as purchase requests, etc. in English. Once you get confidence in doing business with Japanese customers and your profitability increases, you may establish your own customer service function in-house.

    We customize our CRM system to suit your business by:

  • creating templates (to be installed on your web server) which will automatically transfer data received from your customers to our server
  • storing your product and FAQ related information in our CRM database
  • setting up our server to process communications from your customers via your Web site
  • setting up our system to create all necessary reports.

    Our monthly service fees start from as low as $500. Set-up fees vary depending on your web server system.

    03. Analyzing customer data to tailor your business strategy update:

    Simply responding to your customers' enquiries will not "grow" your business. Accumulating customer information, analyzing the data, and adapting your business strategy accordingly are key to your success in any market. We provide this necessary data to you as part of our service.

    The data collected in our CRM system may be used for analysis performed by us or yourself (as per the service agreement between you and Japan Questar USA). If you need help in interpreting and utilizing the data for the future growth in the target market, our marketing specialist may meet with you periodically to analyze the collected data, examine market trends, and adjust your marketing / product strategy. While there may be many marketing companies supporting access to the Japanese market, not many can offer such sophisticated services, tailor-made for YOUR business!