Originally founded in 1996 in Tokyo, Japan, as a localization company for computer software products. The US entity was opened in 1999 in Bellevue, Washington. The US office is now the world headquarters.

Through the localization business we have contributed, we accumulated Natural Language Processing technology and developed our unique smart system to analyze e-mail messages that is built in our CRM system. Our combination of the technology and a deep business insight give you a new way to increase your international revenue, enhance customer relationship, and build a stronger and reliable brand name in the second largest market in the world.


Internet Security Systems, Inc.

Logic Works, Inc. (now a part of Platinum Technology, Inc.)

Adaptec, Inc.

Roxio, Inc.

Compuware Corp.

Microsoft Corp.


Unigraphics Solutions

United Nations

Fair Isaac & Co.


Network Equipment Technologies, Inc.

Micron Technology, Inc.

Hewlett Packard Co.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd..

Extron Electronics

TVOne America

Canare Corporation of America

Abiosso Networks

Cayin Technology Co., Ltd..

PTN Electronics

and more...